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The following outreach materials were designed to help residential customers make the most of available programs and services. Contact us to request hard copies.

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Newsletters & Postcards
  • April 2017 Newsletter (Green Spring Cleaning, On-Call Bulky Item Clean Up, The Livermore Citywide Garage Sale, Calendar of Events, Binny Cartoon and more!)
  • January 2017 Newsletter (Safety Checklists for the New Year, Recycling Reminders, Holiday Schedule, Binny cartoon and more!)
  • November 2016 Postcard Holiday Tree Collection Postcard
  • October 2016 (Green Gifts, Binny Loves Leftovers, Holiday Service Schedule, and more!)
  • July 2016 (Collection Program, Water Conservation, Proper Cart Placement, Holiday Schedule and Binny!)
  • May 2016 (Food Waste Program Reminder)
  • April 2016 (Livermore Citywide Garage Sale, Spring Cleaning Tips, Organics Collection Tips, Binny Cartoon and more)
  • January 2016 Newsletter (Minimize Water Pollution, Used Oil Recycling, Proper Disposal of Ash, and more)
  • December 2015 Postcard Christmas Tree Collection Information
  • November 2015 Postcard Food Waste Program Reminder
  • October 2015 Newsletter (Food Scrap Program, Holiday Service Reminders, Water Conservation, and more)
  • July 2015 Newsletter (Curbside Recycling Reminders, Food Scrap Recycling Pledge, Upcoming Events, and more)
  • May 2015 Postcard Food Waste Program Reminder
  • April 2015 Newsletter (On-Call Cleanup, Citywide Garage Sale, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Compost Giveaway, and Food Scraps Program Reminder)
  • January 2015 Newsletter (Minimize Water Pollution, Used Oil Recycling, Food Scraps Recycling, Smoke/CO Detector Disposal, Battery Recycling, and more)

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What happens to my organics?
What happens to my organics?

What happens to my organics?

What happens to my recyclables?

What happens to my organics?

What happens to my garbage?

What happens to my organics?
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